Spider-Man:Far From Home

這張圖片的 alt 屬性值為空,它的檔案名稱為 image-111.pngMost people went to watch Avengers: Endgame, and now because Spiderman: Far From Home is out in the cinemas, people are rushing to watch it as a follow-up on the events of Endgame.

However, is Spideraman: Far From Home really worth your money and time?

這張圖片的 alt 屬性值為空,它的檔案名稱為 image-112.pngWhile like most Marvel movies, Far From Home is rather appealing to the younger viewers, with a lot of flashy effects and colourful, epic scenes. However, when compared to its prequel, Homecoming, and other Marvel movies, Far From Home feels a bit empty and lackluster. 

After watching the movie, it became apparent that the plot of the movie was boring, dull and childish at best.

這張圖片的 alt 屬性值為空,它的檔案名稱為 image-113.pngThe animations and effects were the only semi-decent areas of the movie, and that’s due to Marvel’s enormous budget on movies. It feels like Marvel just gave up on movies after Avengers : Endgame

Honestly, it was really disappointing to have this sort of half-baked movie come from Marvel. Coupled with a pretty morose villain idea that COULD have been an interesting idea, but Marvel just trashed it out with its usual action based themes, instead psychological themes, which would have suited Mysterio more.

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Overall, this movie is a failure and waste of your money. Strongly advised not to watch it, the plot is just plain trash, the effects are blingy as usual, and we do not get enough screentime of the villain which is a bummer because if Marvel had properly used Mysterio, this movie might have had some hope.

- by Fulgrim, 11-07-2019 in Sydney