MUJI Gel Ink Pen


無印良品凝膠墨水筆 --
Seen a sudden rise in the popularity of certain pens? Namely ones that are part of the Muji brand?

Muji pens offer an aethetically pleasing matte surface that really screams minimalism. The first thing I noticed about this pen was how lightweight it is. I can't think of another pen I own that is this light. This can be good or bad, depending on your preference.

The second thing I noticed is that the gel ink isn't as gelly as other gel pens. What I mean by that, is that the ink seems a bit thinner and wetter than, say a Pilot G-2, and I get a little bleed on the page. Not much mind you, but enough to make me notice a difference if my writing becomes too slow. I think it didn't fare as well on the highlighter test for the same reason.

One final thing I noticed is that the combination of the brushed plastic finish of the barrel (think Bic Stic Grip, minus the grip) and my dry hands made my grip a little slick. A rubber grip would make this pen awesome, but I assume that goes against Muji's focus on minimalism.

這張圖片的 alt 屬性值為空,它的檔案名稱為 image-90.pngThe exterior of the pen is sleek, simple and overall, very clean. One of the key features is that this pen doesn’t have a rubber grip, so you do not have to worry about dirt/dust getting stuck on the rubber grip. The pen’s body has an opaque and matte texture. At first, I was scared the matte surface would scratch, however after further use, the plastic just doesn’t scratch at all. The cap of the pen clicks onto the rear end of the pen very nicely, and does not weigh too much, thus providing a very balanced writing experience.

Overall, the main problem this pen faces is when you use a highlighter on the ink, it will smudge.

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- by Fulgrim, 09-07-2019 in Sydney