Men in Black: International

這張圖片的 alt 屬性值為空,它的檔案名稱為 image-144.pngI have always been a fan of the MIB series, and have subsequently watched every movie they have produced. However, like most movie series that are over 3 movies long, the later movies tend to have run out of ideas to film about and thus just become a 2 hour grind for the audience to deal with. 

Usually they have a weak plot, flashy graphics and animations and a very incomplete atmosphere. The plot is not very engaging, perhaps more engaging for younger viewers due to its colourful portrayal of characters. Ultimately in 2019, expectations are high, and MIB: International is simply too lackluster and cliche. It seems like that it has used many overused ideas and concepts to make MIB: International. 
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The main plot of the movie surrounds a "mole" in the MIB, and the two protagonists are trying to find out who the mole is. This idea is already extremely unoriginal, and coupled with the fact that there are very minimal candidates for the mole, it is very easy for one to guess who it is, thus ruining the intended twist. It appears that whoever made this movie did so in a half hearted fashion, leaving gaps in the story, loopholes, and just an incohesive narrative. 

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Sadly, for MIB fans it seems like this series will not have a continuation because of International. This movie just pales in comparison to its more ingenious predecessors.

- by Fulgrim, 18-07-2019 in Sydney